In some of the most professional stores and business places around the globe you will see these special business sign banners. They are called retractable banners and they essentially swing on a string. Now, of course, they are much more fancy and much more complex than this. These retractable banners are long advertisements that stand on a stand, hung from a string that the stand is attached to. These may sound simple enough, but they look really professional when done right. Sadly, these can cost a fair few pounds that you may not have. However, if fancy is what you are looking for, you needn’t break the bank. Here are a few things you can do to make it look like you have retractable banners when you in fact just made them from scratch, and for cheap too!

For starters, you can make ones that hang out of the ceiling. These can look very fancy and not a lot of effort has to go into them. You can get large rolls of paper in arts and crafts stores and they are easily flattened out to make them into banners. You can also use bits of abandoned bed sheets if you are looking for a material feel. These can easily then be attached to the ceiling. All you need is some string and nails. Since the paper or cloth will not be that heavy, you do not need something strong to hold them up. You can just get on a ladder and hammer some nails into the ceiling and then wrap the string around the nails or even nail the string on to the ceiling. Then it is just the matter of threading the string to holes you can easily poke in the paper and you’re done. That is how you make a banner similar to a retractable banner that hangs from the ceiling and all you need to do other than that is actually make the sign part, which is easy.

Another idea is to make it look like it is on a stand. This is even easier again. All you need is a metal or wooden pole that is quite tall and the roll of paper again. Material is probably not as appropriate for this as it may look tacky when not as large. You can just hammer a short piece of wood and a long piece of wood together and fix the long piece standing upright in the ground some way, by making a stand or propping it up against a desk or wall. Then you just need to attach some string to wrap around the shorter piece of wood and attach the sign to it using the same method you would use for the other one. This can look professional or quirky or even both depending on which way you do it and it doesn’t cost a fortune either. Some people will argue it looks better than a real retractable banner!