When you first start out with a business, it may be a little hard to know what to do with your business signs. You may not know what to put on them, where to put them or even how many to have. This can compromise your advertisement so it is important to see how you should use your business signs to advertise your business from the very start before you make any mistakes. Here are a few things you need to know about business signs.

How Many Should You Have?

As you have probably heard a million times over, it is quality over quantity. There is a reason this saying is still going around; in most cases, it is absolutely right. You don’t need an awful lot of signs to advertise your business and they don’t need to be overly big too. If you have huge signs and lots of them, there is a high probability that they will just look horrible and gaudy and will ruin the look of integrity about your business. You should probably not need more than four signs in your shop, and even then, depending on the size, could be pushing it. If you have a large department store, you may need more than that, but not by much. If you only have a tiny corner shop, you should not need more than three and you probably won’t have room anyways.


Where Should You Put Them?

When you are placing business signs around your premises, you need to make it so people will see them and notice what you sell and what you offer as a company and as a service. You should have at least two roll up banners outside of your shop; the whole point of advertising is to draw people in. You may need one facing the side of a busy street so passers by can see what you offer and you may need one on the window or above the shop door that looks inviting but still advertises all that your business stands for. This will attract people in. Since you want them to stay, any signs you have dotted around the shop will need to be discreet but noticeable. Maybe a retractable hanging banner from the ceiling might be suitable as it looks professional but, surprisingly, doesn’t look gaudy or anything but fancy.


What to Put on Them?

What to put on them is the easiest part. Your company name should be there, somewhere noticeable but not too gaudy. If you have a slogan, it should be at the bottom of the sign or under where the company name is. Then you should have interesting things for the consumer such as statistics about how good your business is or a welcoming sale sign telling passers by of special offers you have at the moment. If your company is unusually, a description of what you do might not go amiss! The sky is the limit as long as you’re sensible!

So, business signs are not hard to do; you just need to know the steps!