When you first start out with making a new business, it’s a little morbid but logical to think that there is a high probability of your business not lasting very long on the market, especially in these recessionary times. That is why you don’t wish to spend an absolute fortune on advertising that may not even work in the very beginning. Banners are a great form of advertising, however they can be expensive to make. But here are some tips to make handy banners that will attract people’s attention and not rip the wallet out of you.

Use cardboard box pieces

It is likely that you will have some cardboard boxes lying around your house and even if you don’t a lot of supermarkets will give them to you for free to save them from recycling them. Well you can do your own form of recycling by turning them into banners for your business! Cardboard is usually dark in colour, but you can easily paint it in white and then paint your company’s name and slogan over it in a darker colour. This is sure to have enough material to make it big enough to make an impact on the crowd, but luckily not your wallet.

Use bed sheets

Some people go through bed sheets like the go through toilet paper, whether it is nail varnish you got on them or chocolate. This may leave you with an abundance of bed sheets lying around the house, so why not use them? With a few sticks and ties, you can easily make a flag or banner that can be seen for a mile by potential customers. All you need then is the cost of some fabric markers to write on it with and you’re good to go! Even if you don’t have any bed sheets lying around, you can look around your family and friends and no doubt someone will have one that they deem dirty. Well, one man’s junk is another man’s prize!

Make an arts and crafts project out of it

Sometimes, even with all the toys and books kids get these days, the best thing to get them is a box of markers and a colouring pad. Budding artists are developing everyday so why not show what children can do and use it to your business’ advantage? Whether you have children or young relatives or even if you take advantage of a local school, getting children to work together on pictures that you can use as a banner can save you a lot of work and a lot of money! It will also be a lot different to the usual advertisements floating around and people will take your business as being very child friendly and will be more likely to check it out. Also, the children have a ball participating in arts and craft and finishing a project together and it can really boost their self esteem to see something they helped create proudly displayed in their town. Everyone wins!